We are an a new approach to resourcefulness,
and a network and implementation framework
that transforms low-resource settings

We take a systems and design thinking approach to address broader systems failures in achieving human health and wellbeing in low resource settings worldwide. This transforms both how we think about health challenges and how we approach solving those challenges.

Understanding local context is crucial. Through understanding informal community systems that operate to support and promote human health, we are able to better understand how communities use local resources, and how orchestration of local resources can help health interventions be more effective and more sustainable.

Stema is an approach, framework and network that enable communities to best mobilise local resources, transform existing resources, and/or adapt external resources to improve their health and wellbeing.

The UCL Institute for Global Health uses cross-disciplinary research, collaborates with communities at all levels, and offering workable solutions for policy makers.
DB Peru brings primary and emergency healthcare, dental clinics, medicines, communications equipment and donated supplies to the villages along the Napo River.
Altro and the Altro Foundation provide safe and hygienic materials in healthcare and education environments and community groups in need of physical spaces.
Des Tan
Chief Technology Officer
Geordan Shannon
Chief Medical Officer
Nicole Minckas
Research Associate

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